A clever, and harmless way to remove stubborn mucus from your little one

Is your baby suffering from severe nasal or sinus congestion? Have you tried manual aspirators, but found them difficult to clean out entirely? Gently clean your baby's nose in seconds by using our Nuzzle Nose Baby Nasal Aspirator Electric Nose Cleaner. Remove the congestive mucus that prevents them from having a comfortable nights rest. A smart, safe and effective solution for helping your congested baby sleep comfortably through the night.

Safe and Effective

The Nuzzle Nose safely and quickly suctions out excess mucus and boogies from little noses without causing discomfort to little ones.

Adjustable Strength

The design of this aspirator features an adjustable
multi-speed motor for varying strengths of suction. This provides maximum comfort for your child and your baby can breathe easier and sleep longer

Reusable Silicone Tips

We take safety very seriously here. We make sure that our reusable suction tips are made with food grade silicon and safe for baby’s skin.

Lower your risk of contamination

Nuzzle Nose is a more hygienic solution to traditional methods. Open the mucus cup, rinse the top pieces with warm soapy water and you’re ready for reuse!


Choose an appropriate nasal tip. After assembly, turn on the power button and choose a comfortable strength.

Before use, test it on your arm to get familiar with the settings, and feel the strength of suction.

Gently insert into nostrils and use the desired setting for removing mucus.

Be sure to clean and disinfect it promptly after use.

To clean just remove the collection cup and nasal tip and sterilize with hot soapy water, do not put it in the microwave.

Do not put the main unit in water.

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When we started, we had one main goal in mind; make parenting tasks easier. We hope you and your child get tremendous value in using the Nuzzle Nose and happy many blissful nights of sleep in the future!

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